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Five Ways to Stay Inspired and Keep Creative Fresh

     -     May 9th, 2014   -     Accounting Marketing, Accounting News, Creative Design   -     0 Comments

As a designer and creative person, I often get the following question, “How do you stay inspired to design and create?” Good question that I recently spent some thinking about because to be honest, I’d never really thought about it much. Being creative or to be creative is just something that comes to me without a lot of thinking, but surely there must be a deeper root and reason. After all, designers need a little help staying inspired from time to time.

With all the various requests we get for creative whether its copy or a visual or a combination of both, we do need to brainstorm new ideas, concepts and campaigns. This is where the inspiration comes into play, because you never know what’s going to spark the perfect idea.

As I sat and pondered this, the first thing that came to mind was the Internet. It’s a wonderful resource for creative inspiration and it gives you access to more information in one place than any other medium. However, it’s also has a huge flaw. It’s home to more distractions than any other form of inspiration. Everything is just a click away it requires a lot more will power and focus to stay on track when using it. Therefore, the Internet is NOT where I get inspired.

My Inspiration Comes From:

  1. Books: I absolutely love flipping through fine art and design books. Thumbing through a physically printed book helps get your mind into a relaxed and creative state, while putting you in direct, tactile contact with printed design matter. Basically art inspires more art. Additionally, reading a great fiction novel has been proven to increase brain function, reduce stress, and increase creativity. Either way, both of the above are very welcome features when looking for creative inspiration.
  2. The power of time off and non-client creative work: A lack of inspiration can sometimes be attributed to general tiredness or being worn out. As a designer, it’s essential to take a break from time to time, including vacation, even if it’s just a weekend retreat away. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true, and it works.
    Additionally, in my free weekend time I enjoy focusing on my own personal creative work – for me, that means painting or crafting. I’m still designing and practicing design concepts such as color theory and composition, but I’m doing it in a different medium compared to client work.

  3. Magazines: There are magazines for almost every niche out there. Find a good one and you can have a full dose of inspiration delivered right to your door monthly. HGTV Magazine is a personal favorite.
  4. Nature: It’s a good thing Spring is here, because when I’m getting bogged down on a project and I can’t get outside of the creative box, nature is a perfect way to set me free. Nature has an amazing power to refresh and reset the mind. Usually after being outdoors for a half hour or so, I start relaxing and find that I can’t wait to get back inside to start trying out a few new ideas.

  5. People and People Watching: I have to admit that this is also another favorite way to stay inspired. Whether you’re out to dinner, walking through a mall or sitting at the airport waiting for a flight – other people inspire you. They make you smile, laugh and sometimes they make you raise an eyebrow with their own uniqueness and creativity. Other people are exchangers of thoughts,  emotions, ideas, experiences, etc. What better way to stay inspired than to watch or talk with someone you’ve never met. Who knew that talking to your local diner waitress could be so helpful, interesting and engaging!

Where do you find your inspiration without getting lost on the internet?


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