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Financial institutions are experiencing significant changes in compliance requirements. As regulatory authorities continue to establish new reporting requirements for these institutions, there will be increasing opportunities for CPA firms and other accounting organizations to identify and capture new clients.

CPA firms turn to FlashPoint Marketing to help them market to and generate opportunities with credit unions, community banks, commercial banks, insurance companies, and investment firms. We work closely with them to develop short- and long-term marketing plans, branding campaigns, and lead generation programs to enhance and grow this specialty area.

Financial Institution Lead Generation to Drive Practice Growth.

Clients use FlashPoint Marketing’s lead generation services to promote the following services:

Whether your firm is developing this service niche or is looking to grow an already established practice, we can help. Our professionals understand the nuances of the industry and have experience in the marketing and lead generation of financial institutions.

Financial Institution Lead Generation – The FlashPoint Marketing Advantage.

FlashPoint Marketing understands the importance of the relationship between the financial institution, regulatory bodies (FDIC and others), and their chosen CPA firm. Our professionals know that just because regulations change, it does not automatically mean a bank will seek a new CPA firm. We deliver targeted messages to your firm’s prospects and, most importantly, ask the right questions to launch conversations and uncover issues. Our step-by-step process is designed to gather information necessary to qualify an opportunity while delivering key messages about your firm’s service abilities.

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