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Executive Telemarketing – CPA Firms

     -     Nov 29th, 2010   -     Accounting Marketing   -     2 Comments

The question of executive telemarketing as a viable source of leads for CPA and accounting firms is one that I regularly address with prospects and clients. For some reason there is a sense that such an approach is not appropriate for the accounting world.  I don’t know where the poor perception comes from, but the reality is that combined with our marketing tactics executive telemarketing can be very effective.

Recently the Accounting Practice Business Development Blogfeatured a post that provided an independent examination of this approach. Central to the piece were the various issues associated with using this strategy and the types of vendors that exist in the marketplace. The post was well written and provides a fair and balanced assessment of providers (including Flashpoint) in terms of what is offered and the competitive differences.

An excerpt from the post entitled, Should You Consider the Telephone as a Marketing Tool?, include:

The phrase, “telemarketing” carries some fairly heavy negative baggage, bringing to mind the annoying calls that always seem to intrude just as you sit down to dinner or are in a rush to do something.  Compounding things, the pitches are often both rapid fire and aggressive; not inviting discussion but instead forming a bludgeon designed to pummel you into submission.

When accountants consider the options available to build their practice employing the telephone will usually be dismissed because the perception is that all telephone-based marketing is telemarketing, as I’ve dismissively defined it above.

But, telemarketing is really just one means of marketing by telephone.  There are several variations on the theme, and one of them may be a good choice for you.  Let’s look at a range of options …

If your firm has considered executive telemarketing as a method for generating leads for your firm, then I highly recommend reviewing this post. It will provide you with objective and helpful information in your search efforts.

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