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Essential WordPress SEO Plugins for 2013

     -     Sep 13th, 2013   -     Accounting Marketing, Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

If you have a WordPress website it’s likely you are already familiar with plug-ins. These are wonderful applications you download into the WordPress CMS that provide additional functionality to your site. Currently, there are thousands of (free and paid) plugins that can bring almost any type of functionality or features your mind can imagine. There are plugins for Facebook, event management, sitemap building and even a few for image management. There seems to be a limitless number of plugins. It’s essential for accounting marketing professionals to leverage plugins to keep the firm’s website operating with maximum efficiency and with the latest features. After all, this is one of the many benefits of having a WordPress website. A critical area where plugins can be of value is in conjunction with SEO efforts. These plugins are a great way for you to take charge of improving your firms SEO even if you have little to no website development experience.

Essential SEO Plug Ins

Below we have identified the top three SEO plugins that marketing directors should be using on their website. These include:

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast – This is a great program! Instead of having to understand a bunch of HTML and insert your keywords and Meta data in between a bunch of hard-to-translate tags, you can simply fill in the blanks for every page. This Yoast plugin accomplishes several awesome SEO functions, like;
    • Automatic Sitemap Generation – Anytime you add a new page or post to the website, the plug in will automatically generate a new sitemap for search engine spiders to crawl.
    • Permalink Clean Up – Eliminates extra letters, numbers and other characters from links to your content. The plugin will ensure that your content is always found under the URL you want it to be found under.
    • Post Titles & Meta Descriptions – Title and meta description information can be easily entered into a series of fields in the CMS. What makes this functionality so appealing is the preview feature. Using this feature you can see what the search engine result will look like to a user when they make a relevant search. This gives you the opportunity to test drive your SEO work and see if it “fits” with what you had intended.
    • Focus Keyword – Add a focus keyword to your entries and this plugin will automatically search the content of that page, meta description, and post title to ensure that your focus keyword makes sense with the other data you have entered. If you have a focus keyword that doesn’t appear even once in any of the other fields it will alert you to make a change to either your keyword or to the other fields so that the keyword is incorporated

These are just a few of the basics, the plugin is advanced, but it also allows you to ‘check’ how optimized each page is and gives you a green, yellow, or red indicator. Green meaning you have the best optimization, and red meaning something needs to be changed. This is a great plugin for SEO beginners and a must-have plugin for any WordPress site.

  • Google Analytics for WordPress – Having great SEO is an excellent goal for any firm, but in order to see any progress, you’ll want to have a way to keep track of the overall traffic trends for your website. For this reason, you will need to add the Google Analytics plug-in. Before you install the plug-in, make sure you have visited analytics.google.com and have an analytics account for your website. You will then be assigned an Analytics ID for your URL. Google will want you to implement a certain string of code into your website in order for it to ‘see’ what is happening. You can skip the step of adding the analytics code to your website by simply installing Google Analytics for WordPress plugin. The plugin will ask for your UA number (your analytics ID) and once you input this information, the rest will be done for you. Within 24-48 hours you’ll be able to review your traffic and stats on your Google Analytics account and apply the data to making changes and alterations in your SEO approach.
  •  Scribe for WordPress – Content marketing is key in the accounting marketing industry; the trend for thought leadership is ever increasing. With the Scribe plugin you can leverage their research tools to help find the topics that matter most to your target audience. Their on-page optimization and content development guidance will also give your marketing team some great direction for site improvements. In addition, Scribe packs in some great social media tools that help your firm identify who your more active social media users are, and what other industry sites you might consider connecting with. This is a great complimentary plugin to the SEO for WordPress by Yoast. Scribe is a great tool for SEO beginners, especially because it combines the tools of the pros with a conversational tone that will be easy for beginners to understand. Scribe keeps things simple – it’s a made-for-the-average-user version of Google Analytics, combined with the approach of an SEO marketing genius! One single caveat here – Scribe is not free. You can check out their plugin page for different pricing options.

Installing Plug Ins

So there you have it, three WordPress plugins to enhance the SEO on your firms website. Oh, and in case you are sure just how to install a plugin on WordPress – check out this little tutorial from wpbeginner, a blog made just for people who are new to WordPress.

Is your firm leveraging plugins to help manage their SEO? Let us know what your favorites are!

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