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Elements to a Successful Website

     -     Nov 1st, 2014   -     Accounting Marketing, Accounting Websites   -     0 Comments

Often times we are approached by small businesses interested in redesigning their website. The time has come to abandon the old site and make space for a new, modern and fresh version that bring design vibrancy to the screen. While design is very important when designing a new website there are other elements that are equal to or more important in bigger picture. Below we have provided some insight into the key elements we have found that make a successful website.

  • Simple Navigation – This is a critical part of the design process that often gets overlooked. Remember, not only should a website be beautifully designed but it should have practical functionality. A part of that functionality is a simple and easy to use navigation structure. Remember, the goal of the website is to connect an interested visitor to the products and services your company offers. The more difficult this is for the visitor the less likely they will be to find relevant product information and purchase from your company. Therefore, it’s essential to make it easy to find content on your website.
  • Engaging Content – Content is the product that your website offers to visitors. The design may please the eye, but if the content is not engaging or well written it’s guaranteed that site visitors will find their way off your website pretty quickly. For this reason it’s important to identify the target audience and develop content that speaks to issues, challenges or problems they may be facing in their business. Don’t forget to try and make the content speak to their perspective while at the same time driving home the point that your website has the information, products and services that can help solve the issues faced. If you have a well-designed website, but have poor content then it’s unlikely the website will perform well.
  • Calls to Action – These are the lifeblood of a successful website. The first thing to remember is that your website is a sales tool. It can be used to interface with customers and allow them to purchase products or services from you. However, the sales cycle has different stages and as such not everyone is ready to buy today. So what are you doing to still engage them and encourage interaction with the site? The successful sites are those that offer whitepapers, case studies, free samples and trials to find a way to interact with the prospective customer that may not yet be ready to buy. By offering a call to action you ensure an experience with the site, company and brand which may encourage them to purchase in the future.
  • Search Function – This is a must have for any website and why it appears on this list. Have you ever visited a website where you simply could not find the information you were looking for? Well I have and the only thing that saves me in a time like that is a search function. Essentially, the website should have a search feature that allows a site visitor to enter a keyword term and see all the pages that relate to the search term. This makes it easy and convenient for visitors to find the content they are looking for without having to spend additional time navigating the website.
  • Contact Forms – This is likely one of the most overlooked feature of a successful website. All too often companies simply provide an email address that a site visitor can email with a question or comment. However, by implementing a contact form you open to door to the possibilities of collecting more data on the person reaching out. For example, you can ask them to provide not only contact information but also details about how they found your site, specific issues they are facing, information they are requesting and more. Of course there is no need to make the form so complex that it’s impossible to complete. However, when properly balanced between asking questions and driving interaction contact forms can be very valuable.

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