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Effective Landing Pages

     -     Sep 1st, 2011   -     Accounting Marketing, Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

One of the most interesting parts of being in the SEO field serving accounting firms is that you have the chance to be very strategic with how you get the site visitors attention. For those that have been in the field for a while there is little doubt you are familiar with the usual sales angles. However, in the world of SEO you have to be innovative and quick to the point since you have such a short window to get the visitors attention.

Recently when surfing the web, I found an excellent article that discusses the important elements to a successful landing page. This topic is so important because many firms have invested time and resources into building a wonderful website with beautiful graphics and good copy. However, if your landing page is not set up properly or is not performing there is likely an issue that needs to be addressed.  An excerpt from the article discussing landing pages includes:

  • Keep It Simple: You have about 3 seconds or less to capture people’s attention. Keep the page clutter-free, and make sure the benefit headline instantly grabs them. Don’t over share your knowledge – share enough to compel them to take the action you want. Especially if it’s capturing a lead – once you’ve got them, you’ll have time to share your expertise and build your credibility. For now, you just need to keep it laser-focused on what you need to share to get them to take action RIGHT NOW.
  • Know Your Audience: Use images and text that they can relate to and that talk to their pain. Offer them solutions they can see themselves really using. Are you targeting men, women, college kids? Are you targeting people with money for a high end product or people with lower income? You need to know your prospect inside out and your page needs to appeal to them. They need to see themselves in the problem/pain that you outlined, and they need to be able to imagine the solution you are proposing is something they can use and afford.
  • Formatting: Make sure you use bolding, different font colors and sizes, italics, lists and white space as well as strategically placed graphics to catch the eye, BUT don’t overwhelm. Draw the eye to one focal point – which is where your strongest call to action should be. I know you want them to see your testimonial, your list of benefits, your offering and your call to action, but if you draw their eye everywhere at once, they’re likely to be overwhelmed and just leave. Have one strong focal point, draw the eye there and keep it simple.

These basic points when applied can really help increase the effectivness of your landing pages, regardless of what service your firm is selling! I highly suggest reading this article. Let me know what you think!

Click here to read the entire article written by Jennifer Horowitz.



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