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Effective Accounting Sales

     -     Sep 21st, 2010   -     Accounting Marketing   -     0 Comments

Effective accounting sales result from rainmakers that understand why a company is purchasing the service in the first place. Ultimately the company is not really interested in buying products or services per se, rather they are looking to buy a solution to a need which happen to be a product/service. Most CEO’s, CFO’s and Controller look to accounting firms for solutions that help them operate as efficiently as possible, fulfill the needs of their customers and help meet growth and financial goals.

Research by the Chally Group identified these seven behavioral rules clients, prospects and referral partners expect business development professionals  to follow. They include:

  1. Personal accountability for customers’ desired results. Salespeople must act as the single point of contact for customers and ensure that the customers buy the best solutions to get the value expected.
  2. An understanding of the clients’ business. This means understanding how customers’ businesses work — including their business strategies. Business development professionals must then provide sound advice based on those strategies.
  3. Be on the side of the customer. Customers expect a Business Development professional to be their representative within the seller’s organization. They must be advocates and expediters, representing the best interests of the customer throughout the sales process.
  4. Easily Accessible. There’s no difference between “global” and “local” in today’s business environment. The best business development professionals are travelers who leap geographic and cultural boundaries to relieve customers’ stress.
  5. Must be problem-solvers. In yesterday’s sales world, the closing of the sale marked the end of the sales engagement and the business development professionals responsibilities. Today the closing of the sale marks the beginning of a relationship. Customers expect salespeople to not only solve their problems during the transaction itself, but throughout the full term of the business relationship. The best business development professionals act as troubleshooters who realize the inevitability of problems and commit to solving them quickly and effectively.
  6. Business development professionals must be innovative. Because change is the only constant in today’s environment, salespeople are expected to stay on top of customers’ needs and respond to them with proactive and continuous innovation.

Source: Business Brief

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