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Direct Mail + Telemarketing

     -     Jan 18th, 2012   -     Accounting Marketing   -     0 Comments

Welcome back! If you didn’t catch last weeks article on how to prepare your direct mail campaign, check it out here.  This week we’re going to go over the proper time to send out your direct mail piece, and when to follow up so that you can get the most out of your campaign. 

Develop your list of targets – scan it for existing clients (twice), make sure all of the prospects fit properly into your target model, and don’t use a pre-defined list from a online list generation service – find a qualified professional to develop your list, or do your own research.  This is a marketing investment, and this is not the place to be lazy.  This list can be used for many different campaigns so make it worth the initial cost.   Send this piece out to your prospect list seven days before you begin your calling.

*Tip: Put yourself on the mail list and when you get your direct mail piece back in the mail, you can begin the calling process.

First and foremost, you have to set your expectations appropriately – remember that you have spent at least a month developing this piece and you are in LOVE with your results – you can’t expect everyone else to be though.  You have approximately 7 seconds to create that first impression with the mail piece (which is where beautiful, clever, creative components play a big role), and let’s face facts – despite your best filtering effort with your list, some businesses just aren’t ready or willing to make the change to you.  With that being said, expect to hear many ‘Not interested, but thanks”, and a few ‘Tell me more, please!” peppered into the response. 

Most of your prospects are lazy, they aren’t going to pick up the phone and call you, they might go look at your website but get distracted by an incoming email, they may even have good intentions of calling you but never make the time for it – which is why it is especially important for you to make the first move. 

Follow up. 

Did you hear me?!

I said….. FOLLOW UP!

This means you are going to have to work the phones, or pay a professional to do this for you [AHEM] shameless plug here for Flashpoint (but we do get results, so just trying to be helpful). Also – note here that calling once is not enough, at minimum call three times and leave a message after each call.  This sounds absolutely ridiculous I know – in fact you are probably thinking “If I left a message, they would call me back if they cared!”, no… in fact today I made some calls on behalf of one of our clients and called one prospect for the third and final time – lo and behold he is extremely interested in making an immediate change from his current CPA to our clients firm.  Again, this was my third call to the prospect, so I promise that this process works.

All in all – direct mail is extremely effective when all of the proper components are pulled together; to recap these are the things you should be doing;

-Pick a single service with a clear message and call to action

-Work with a creative team to develop a direct mail piece that is outstanding in every way and clearly illustrates your message with an easy to find call to action

-Mail the piece out to your well-researched, pre-screened list of prospects 7 days before you begin your follow up.

-FOLLOW UP – perform at least 3 rounds of follow-up calls to all the names on your list.

Remember – in most cases, deriving a single lead from this type of service can often result in covering your entire initial marketing investment – and by following through on your service promises, this lead could be a viable client for years to come.

What has been your experience in direct mail marketing? Have you seen success? Does your process differ from this one? I look forward to hearing from everyone in the comments.

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