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     -     Jun 9th, 2010   -     Accounting Marketing, Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

As the world of digital media marketing continue to grow, there seems to be a new strategy or technology emerging monthly that will help you grow your business. There are certainly no shortage of articles, seminars, webinars and tutorials that detail why you and your firm should embrace this new form of marketing. However, the reality is that technology and the accompanying strategies are being produced at a faster rate than they can be implemented. Why would a marketing professional select an unproven strategy for implementation? The risk of less than optimal results is too high not to mention the unwanted attention if the selected strategy ultimate does not produce the expected results.

So, what is the “low hanging fruit” in terms of a firm’s digital media presence? The obvious answer is the website. Every firm has one and the most savvy firms have multiple mini-sites that feature a specific service they sell.

Consider the Following

If someone walked into the lobby of your office, how would they be greeted? In most firm’s the receptionist would greet them and determine how to best help them. After all, you want to make a good impression on the visitor. This all seems completely logical and very matter of fact. Of course, this makes perfect sense you may be thinking to yourself. Now ask the same question about your firm’s website. When they enter is there a method of “greeting” them? Does the firm have a process for greeting and interacting with site visitors? Letting them know you are present and ready to address their needs is as critical in the digital world as it is in the real world. , most CPA and accounting firms seem to not recognize this interconnected relationship. It is ironic that many CPA and accounting firms will spend thousands of dollars on advertising, prospect pursuits and sponsorships to gain access to prospects, but give little consideration to the traffic that comes of their website every day.

The reality is that not every visitor is going to be a qualified prospect ready to purchase a high dollar service. There will likely be some consultants, referral partners, competitors and vendors that are researching your company to obtain information, or to try and sell your organization a product/service. There is no way to get around this harsh reality. However, there will also be the empowered Controller and Chief Financial Officers that are seriously looking at your firm as a potential vendor for audit, tax, accounting and other consulting services. These are the visitors that you want to interact with while they are browsing your site. The ability to approach them and provide assistance is key to not only their perception of your firm, but also your ability to convert them into an immediate or long term opportunity.

Does your firm use this software? What have the results been?

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