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Digital Branding

     -     Oct 23rd, 2012   -     Accounting Marketing   -     0 Comments

When most accounting marketing directors think of branding, they tend to think of tactile things – logos and corporate colors plastered on signs, coffee mugs, and chachkies. However, branding is much much more than just logos and colors. Beyond that, brandable spaces are no longer confined to the realm of the physical.

Increasingly, a firm’s digital presence is an important part of its image. From corporate websites and blogs to social media outlets, the way that a firm presents itself and engages prospects, clients and employees online is critical part of the firm’s brand. Like people, CPA firms use social media to present a curated version of themselves. As individuals, we know that our social media presences are idealized versions of our lives, presenting our personal brands to the world. In social media, we’re all brighter, shinier and a much slicker versions of ourselves. The same is true of well-branded CPA firms. They post about the great volunteer projects their employees are involved with or share updates that speak directly to their clients’ needs. I have never seen an update that says, “Working through a never-ending pile of tax returns. When will this end?” Well-branded firms know that each communication, even if it’s only 140 characters, speaks with the voice of the firm.

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