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Demystifying Search Engine Optimization

     -     Aug 23rd, 2013   -     Accounting Marketing, Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

If you are like most professionals responsible for marketing an accounting practice, you no doubt are familiar with the term Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. This term makes a frequent appearance in industry publications, marketing presentations, and at conferences. For a large number of accounting professionals, however, SEO is like a mystical marketing tactic. The ROI for firms that have implemented effective SEO gives us compelling evidence for the effectiveness of this strategy. The challenge for most has been translating what they have read and heard into actionable steps that will yield the best results. Unfortunately, this challenge has left many on the outside looking in, unable to experience the benefits of an effective SEO campaign. To help launch SEO efforts, here is a list of 5 key tips below to get firms pointed in the right direction.

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