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     -     Jul 23rd, 2009   -     Accounting Marketing, Social Media Marketing   -     0 Comments

A Success Story

CPA and accounting firms are beginning to understand that social media marketing is truly a tool that can help drive practice growth. While there are some firms that understand the benefits of social media there are still many that are struggling to see how tools such as blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and other such sites can have a meaningful impact on marketing efforts. It is difficult to blame them because the amount of information available on how firms are successfully leveraging these tools is scare and not widely available.

While updating our YouTube Channel this afternoon I came across a video case study of how one firm in Tennessee was able to leverage specific social media tools to increase business. Below I have provided a link to the case study which is very detailed about the steps the firm took to integrate social media into their marketing efforts, the time invested on a weekly and monthly basis and finally the return both in marketing and actual sales made from these strategies.

If you firm is contemplating entering the world of social media this video should provide compelling evidence that such an endeavor will produce meaningful results.

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