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CPA Firm – Drip Marketing

     -     Aug 17th, 2010   -     Accounting Marketing   -     1 Comment

If you have not already done so please visit the CPA Technology Advisor for August 2010 and turn to the column by Scott Cytron – Marketing Works. The title of this month’s piece is Conducting an Effective Drip Marketing Campaign and I am here to tell you that it is 100% accurate. The piece discussed how to effective contemplate, deploy and manage a “drip” campaign.  I really like this specific installment because a few key points are covered in the piece that are essential to marketing in general, but specifically accounting marketing.

A key point in the piece which is only briefly mentioned is the Law of 29. This is a “law” that states a prospect must  see, hear, or experience your brand 29  times before they are able to recongize your company, understand what it does and have a sense of why they should purchase from you.  It seems that 29 times is a bit high, but the point is well made. A common mistake in marketing is to send out a few mailings or run one ad and then expect something to happen. This is simply just not how it works.

The article also details out the mechanics of a drip campaign including:

  • Audience – A company or firm may already have the audience’s e-mails captured in its database or CRM system. Or the company may want to purchase a list or construct a list using a service, such as Hoovers. Decisions must be made on who the recipients will be.
  • List Development – Decide how you’re going to physically construct your list. The strength of the list will significantly influence the effectiveness of the overall campaign.
  • Frequency – How often will you send your messages? Monthly? Weekly?
  • Message Development – You’ll want to plan out exactly what you’re going to say in each e-mail message. There are two schools of thought here. First, to establish continuity and create awareness, the message should be mostly the same each time. Second, the exact opposite is true.
  • Call to Action – Throughout the campaign, you will only know a prospect is interested in your product or service if he or she responds to the call to action. How do you measure that? While Scott is specifically referring to email marketing in this piece, the same concept is true for direct mail and other forms of communication.  

These are EXACTLY the questions one needs to ask/contemplate before launching a drip campaign. Setting the appropriate expectations prior to starting the effort will allow you, the partners and others to appreciate the marketing tactic, how it works and the results to expect. If you are considering a drip campaign please read this article as it will be a helpful guide in your efforts.

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