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Conferences and Tradeshows – Does Design Really Matter?

     -     Feb 2nd, 2015   -     Creative Design   -     0 Comments

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We are presently in the throes of winter which means colder days and hunkering down inside our offices. While it may be winter now, before you know it, spring will be here and with it comes the hustle and bustle of business activities, including new conferences, tradeshows, and corporate events to attend and partake in.

As marketers, it is important to understand that good visual representation of your brand is hugely important, both for you as the exhibitor and the conference or tradeshow organizer. The reason good visual representation is important is because the graphics you display help communicate important messages to the attendees, no matter the scale of event. Often as marketers, there is a scramble to get needed display materials together, whether it is a complete booth, pop-up display, or even something smaller such as a corporate brochure. Unfortunately, this scramble can lead to less than desirable results when it comes to showing off your firm’s brand and capabilities.

There are many reasons why firms invest heartily in their display stands and graphics It is something your firm should be considering as well because visual presence is first and foremost what attracts attendees to your booth or table. If you donot have a great visual presence, you are not maximizing your firm’s potential to get noticed at the corporate event you are attending.

Importance of Graphic Design

Below are three good reasons why the design of your graphics really should matter to your firm:

  • The design represents your brand
    A dull or poorly executed design reflects negatively on the firm and brand as a whole. If you do not have graphic design expertise in-house, you are not alone – join the many other firms who outsource their display graphics.
  • Good design is an opportunity to grab people’s attention
    The design of your firm’s booth and supportive material should interest attendees to find out more about your firm and its culture. Keep people hungry for more – don’t bore them with an ill-planned visual that just doesn’t look great. Visuals are like bait. Use them to reel in prospects because if you can get people in to your space at the event, you will have an even greater chance of converting them into a new client.
  • Graphics are an opportunity to set the tone
    Bright and vibrant designs promote a fresh, inspired feel (think Apple) – whereas designs using darker colors tend to be perceived as a bit more formal (think Samsung). Both companies produce similar products yet each are perceived differently by the masses. Basically, you can dictate the mood of your conference and get people in the right frame of mind by effectively using carefully selected visuals that work with specific colors.

The best place to start when planning for a conference or event is with your visual presence. Take time to assess its current state because it is the façade of your firm and the first thing that people will notice. If needed, go for a redesign, even if it means outsourcing the design work. While it may take a few rounds to get the desired look, and it is not always easy, it is worth it and will gain your firm ground, which will equal new clients.

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