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Client Holiday Gifts

     -     Nov 30th, 2010   -     Accounting Marketing   -     0 Comments

The holidays are the one time of year that we reach out to friends, family and colleagues to show our appreciation for their involvement and contributions in our life. The Christmas/Hanukkah season is often thought of as the most wonderful time of year. However, for many firms emerging from a troubled economy the discussion around holiday gifts and how to express appreciation to clients may be difficult to answer. Should firms give clients a standard gifts or perhaps spend a little more to be creative?

In a recent article written for Intuit, I interviewed three industry leaders to understandwhat their firms have done in the past during this time of year. What emerged from this article was the concept that holiday gift giving is more than simply a mundane task of giving “nice” gifts to clients, but an opportunity to creatively connect with and show appreciation for the business relationship.

An excerpt from the article includes:

“Sending a holiday gift to clients is important because Daszkal Bolton needs to show we appreciate their business, but our clients receive gifts from so many sources we need to differentiate ourselves,” says Susan Kaplan, director of Marketing at Daszkal Bolton LLPin Boca Raton, FL. Last year the firm sent each client a copy of the book, 100 Ways to Profit in a Volatile Economy. “This was a non-traditional gift to give clients and businesses who were facing a tough economy. The partners chose it to appeal to our broad client base, and because it offered useful business information that reinforced our position as key advisors.”

If your firm is considering what/if any gifts to send to clients and referral partners, then I highly recommend you read this brief article. The insight provided from industry leaders may give you new ideas and shape how you approach the holiday season this year. Remember, don’t let this excellent marketing and client development opportunity pass your firm by.

To review the entire article, click here to be taken to the Intuit Proline News Central Blog.

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