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Why Attend AAM High 2010?

     -     May 1st, 2010   -     Accounting Marketing   -     0 Comments

21st Association of Accounting Marketing Summit 

The 21st Annual Association of Accounting Marketing Annual Conference is scheduled to be held June 22 – June 25 in Washington DC. For those who don’t know the annual conference is a great opportunity for accounting marketing professionals to come together, network and have the opportunity to take advantage of the numerous educational sessions which are being offered. Beyond the planned activities, I have often found the true value is in meeting peers from across the country and engaging them in conversation about what they are doing at their firm, what is working and learning from their experiences.

In reviewing the Conference website, I also found there will be a track system. To address the diverse needs of the membership, the association has created three tracks for attendees to pick from based on level of responsibility and role in the firm. For the 2010 conference, you can choose from the Rookie, Intermediate or Executive tracks. I find the tracking system to be a welcome addition to the conference. It will allow attendees to customize the conference experience most valuable to their specific situation.

For my time and money I am eye balling the Executive track. The course offerings on Adding Integrated Marketing & Sales, Understanding the Unique Value of Your Firm and Service Innovation, Renovation & Revitalization all appeal to me.

For additional information on the 21st Association for Accounting Market Summit, click here

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