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CPA Firm SEO Tip #2

     -     Apr 12th, 2011   -     Accounting Marketing, Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

A critical component to any effective SEO program is keyword research and targeting.  I have heard over and over again that in SEO content is king. I agree that fresh, unique and engaging content is essential to an effective and long lasting campaign. However, if the website is not optimized according to the appropriate keywords then it will be very difficult to realize the full benefits of any SEO efforts. After all, what is the point of creating great content if the search engine is not indexing it according to the most effective search terms (keywords)?

As a result, this makes both initial and ongoing keyword research and selection a critical part of SEO. Initially it is important to select keywords that are relevant to the content on your website at that specific point in time. Ongoing, you want to be sure as content is added that each page is being optimized for the most effective keywords. The challenge for most of us is determining the best keywords to use based on the type of traffic we are trying to attract, the page content and overall popularity of our selected keywords. An interesting irony of SEO is that most of us would initially select are really not effective. Our familiarity with the subject matter, industry and content usually influences what terms are used to conduct a search. As a result, what often times happens is keywords are selected that yield less than optimal results.

Keyword Research

One way to reduce the chance of this happening to you is to become familiar with one of the many keyword research tools available on the web. Below we have provided the top five keyword research programs that we have found to be most helpful in the process.

  1. Google Adwords – This is a free application that allows you to research different keywords to determine which gets the most traffic through Google.  You can even conduct a competitor analysis to determine what keywords your competitors are using!
  2. Keyword Spy – Keyword Spy is a fast, effective tool for looking up information about domains, keywords and more including information on the volume of a search, the number of ads and the CPC for those ads.
  3. SEO Spyglass–  Although SEO Spyglass is best known for its research into backlinks and other SEO factors, it uses that information to offer a truly unique keyword research experience where the application shows you the keywords best for your site.
  4. Traffic Travis – Traffic Travis is a free, downloadable application that you run on your PC Traffic Travis is user-friendly, powerful and fast.Traffic Travis not only provides a great keyword tracking tool, but combines that with a slew of other powerful SEO tools including page analysis, PPC Analysis, ranking tracking and more
  5. Market Samurai – Known as one of the most powerful, information-rich keyword marketing tools on the market, Market Samurai provides a slew of information and filters for your keywords including checking the competitiveness of a term the Adsense CTR and CPC of the term as well as the local SEO traffic.Market Samurai’s power, however, comes at a cost and that cost is $97 for a license.

Whatever research tool you decide to use remember that it is important to spend the time vetting your keyword list.  Simply using the keywords that “seem” to make the most sense can be a fatal flaw to your SEO efforts.

Partial Source: The Top 5 Keyword Research Tools

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