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Accounting SEO Applications

     -     Aug 15th, 2010   -     Accounting Websites, Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

While conducting research for a client on tools which can assist their search engine optimization (SEO) effectiveness, I came across a great article by Alex Stetson, entitled, 6 Best WordPress Plugins For SEO in 2010. The piece provides the reader with a list of the six best Word press plug ins to increase SEO results. I found this piece particularly helpful because all of our websites are built on Word press. More importantly, the list offers detailed explanations of what the plugins do and how they specifically help your SEO.

The list of plugins include:

  • SEO Smart Links– This SEO-friendly plug in can automatically link keywords and phrases to related comments, posts, pages, and categories within your site
  • I Love Social Bookmarking – I.L.S.B. is a great way to encourage blog readers to rank your post on popular social media sites. 
  • WP to Twitter – Twitter is an ideal space for (viral) content sharing since users are constantly engaged in niche conversations. 
  • WP Super Cache – This plug in contributes to your site speed and it helps your blog load faster.
  • Robots Meta –Robots Meta automatically inserts “no follow” tags on internal site links that are irrelevant to search crawlers.
  • SEO Slug – Blog post titles typically get an h1-h3 heading, which makes them very important in terms of keyword optimization.

From experience we have used these applications either directly on our sites or client sites and they do help SEO traffic. They do not replace a well developed and executed strategy, but they can help accelerate one that is currently being deployed. If you have a website/blog built on Word press I recommend reading this article and learning more about the SEO applications mentioned above.

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