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Accounting Marketing – Creative Prospect Engagement

     -     Jun 23rd, 2009   -     Accounting Marketing   -     1 Comment

In my travels across the web I found an interesting micro website belonging to the CPA firm Goldstein Schechter & Koch. The website does a clever job of conveying the message that the firm has the resources, professionals, expertise and creativity to help individuals and businesses survive rainy days. This website is a good example of how a firm can use creativity to engage prospects, clients and referral partners while educating them on firm services.

Three aspects of the site that make it so interesting include:

Layout. The site only focuses on delivering one marketing message – GSK has you covered. The URL, layout, color scheme and even copy tie this concept together nicely. There are only four links for the user to click on and they all lead to focused marketing messages about the firm. It is brief, concise, direct and puts the visitor in control.

Content. The key is in the content. There is not a lot of content about the firm’s history, the many awards won, whitepapers on technical topics or long explanations about the firm’s credentials. Rather the focus of the content is on what the firm can do for the prospect. This is gold. Too many CPA and accounting firm websites focus on the noise and don’t connect with the prospect about their issues and concerns. This website does a good job of reaching out and saying…we are here for you.   

The Game. Hands down the best part of this website is the game, Digital Downpour.  The objective is to use the (GSK branded umbrella) to catch as many of the falling numbers as you can before they hit the floor. The red numbers reduce the point total while the black numbers increase the point total. The controls are easy to use and the game last only 30 second or so. At the end of the game you are presented with a trophy that is as much about your score as it is the expertise of GSK. What makes this so interesting is that it provides a reason for visitors to stay, play and come back often. (After ten tries I have only scored a 2900, needless to say I will be back soon).

If you are looking for creative prospect engagement strategies then visit this site. It just may inspire your creative juices. In the meantime I challenge you to try and beat my best score.

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