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     -     Jul 21st, 2009   -     Accounting Marketing   -     1 Comment

Executive Telemarketing In The Lead Generation Mix

In my travels across the web I found a great article on how to conduct an executive telemarketing program. While the buzz around social media and digital media marketing is growing louder, traditionally effective lead generation tactics like this one are being pushed aside. What makes the situation ironic is that executive telemarketing and social media marketing share a common trait that makes them an effective tool for any marketing campaign – interaction. The ability to interact with a prospect or referral source and understand their issues, challenges and opportunities is powerful for any accounting and CPA firm as it provides the opportunity to take a service like an audit and customize it to the prospects needs.

If you firm is considering an executive telemarketing program I suggest reading this older article, Jumpstart Your Sales Process with Telemarketing, from the Association of Accounting Marketing website. I find the information to be very accurate and prompts thought about how to establish a program, whether to do it in-house or outsource and the expectations to have of the overall process.

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