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How Flashpoint Leverages SEO

     -     Oct 13th, 2011   -     Accounting Marketing   -     0 Comments

If you aren’t living under a rock, you have probably heard about SEO by now.  You may have even done some research on the subject, or looked into it for your firm.  SEO is one of those things that looks really easy on the outside, until you find out there is a huge time investment and then it sits on the back burner waiting for your next episode of downtime.

Stop ignoring SEO and start doing it.  Here at Flashpoint, we know that real world examples tend to make believing a little easier, so we’re ready to break out our numbers for your review so that you can see the benefits of SEO for yourself.

If it’s such a BIG deal, how BIG is the benefit?

You wouldn’t be the first person to ask that question – in fact that’s one of the most difficult questions to answer.  Many SEO experts have tried to formulate an answer, but nobody has been successful at pinpointing exactly how big the benefit is. Much like science, there are many variables that would need to be controlled in order to determine the exact numbers – people are, generally speaking, unpredictable, so a phone call may have originally started as a website lead and vice versa.  It’s difficult to always control the channel through which your prospects find you – so measuring the success of just one source can be challenging.

At Flashpoint Marketing, we have put specific parameters in place to assure we know exactly where our leads have come from (Incidentally this is also a good SEO practice!) – and if there is ever any question, we just ask the prospect how they heard about us! This allows us to track all of our leads and determine exactly where our conversions are coming from.

What’s the initial investment?

Everyone’s initial investment will be different for many reasons – level of existing optimization, goals and expectations, amount of existing content, and so on.  These variables will help to determine how many hours of time your firm will need to put in to be able to achieve optimal results.   At Flashpoint we know exactly the number of man-hours that we have put into optimizing our website in a single  year – and it comes in at 175 hours, or roughly a $3500.00 investment in ourselves.

$3500.00 is nothing to laugh at, that’s a lot of time, money and effort, but we didn’t just sit around for a month staring at coding and researching keywords, we did a little bit every day to improve our site.  A little keyword research, an hour or two writing an article, submission to a directory one day, 1-2 hours of additional content development.  It all adds up over time to equal that 175 hour investment.

So you invested in yourself….Show me the $$!!

So what happens after you spend 175 man hours on yourself over the course of a year? A lot!  Not at first though, at first we just saw slight traffic increases, and in some of the really early months – honestly we didn’t see much at all, but we expect that.  It’s the way that SEO works – it can take weeks, sometimes months to see any result at all.  Then we started to see a big change, the more we kept working, the more we put ourselves out there, and the more time we spend implementing good SEO practices, the more prospects contacted us, our traffic skyrocketed – we were getting website leads virtually every day.  Better than that, we were getting GOOD leads, firms that were interested in our specific industry – and even  better than that, we were developing new relationships and gaining new business, $50,000 in new business opportunities

So, when a $3500.00 investment turns into a $50,000 revenue stream – that’s some huge ROI.

More Benefits…

If you aren’t sold on just a revenue boost, SEO has many other benefits including the ability to elbow out your competitors.  Despite the popularity of SEO, there are so many firms who are still not taking advantage of its benefits – meaning that if you even take a very passive approach to SEO and do the bare minimum – you could still still serious benefits if your competition isn’t on the map yet.

Appearing on the first page of the search results for your industry niche tells a prospective client that you are an expert in your field, and to your competitors it means they are losing out on business without even knowing it.

Bottom Line

You can’t afford not to do some SEO. If you aren’t doing it already, you should be worried that your competitors are.  Still need a few more reasons to add SEO to your marketing plan? Check out these other articles:


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