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Accounting SEO Provider Evaluation

     -     Jan 10th, 2011   -     Accounting Marketing, Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

SEO is becoming more and more a hot issues in the accounting industry. As more and more firms investigate inbound marketing and SEO as a possible strategy for marketing it is important to have a clear understanding of how to evaluate the seemingly hundreds and hundreds of SEO providers in the marketplace. While there are many reputable firms helping companies across the country, there are also those that are engaging in less than best practices and really not delivering value to their clients.

As a result, we have assembled a brief guide highlighting the key questions and topics you should address with a potential SEO provider prior to working with them. These 5 topics include:

Questions to Ask A Potential SEO Provider:

  1. Accounting Industry Experience. The first question you need to ask them is if they have any accounting industry experience. This is essential because a core component of effective optimization is at least a basic understanding of the accounting industry. If a provider does not have basic knowledge of the accounting industry then you may spend more time than you want educating them on the nuances of the industry. By working with a firm that understands the industry you will save yourself the effort of having to teach them the basics of the industry.
  2. Guarantees. Find out if the provider offers any guarantees. If they do then you need to ask a lot more questions. Specifically how can they guarantee any page rankings? If they are offering such positions in such a short time, then they are probably carrying out tasks that may not be legitimate (called Black Hat SEO) and  may cause your site to be banned and blacklisted. Conduct careful research about their methods to ensure they are using legitimate tactics (called White Hat SEO).
  3. SEO Ethics. Conduct basic research to get a sense of what tactics are commonly used for SEO purposes. Ask the provider to give you basic details about how they achieve their SEO results. Get a sense of the providers guidelines and determine whether they are engaging in ethical SEO. Remember you don’t want to work with a provider that uses Black Hat tactics. SEO is not a quick process where new results occur in a day or two. It takes time. However, a good SEO provider will offer you detailed information on their tactics and help your accounting firm consistely build an online presences.
  4. Testimonials. Ask the provider to give you customer testimonials in addition to the feedback provided on their website. However, go one step further in the process. Search the web to learn more about the company and find out what additional information is out there. Finally, ask them to provide references so you can speak with current/past customers to learn about their experience with the SEO provider.
  5. Reporting. Determine if the SEO provider offers reports highlighting the new traffic generated through their efforts. Find out what other evaluation criteria they use and what reports are offered. At a minimum they should offer information provided in Google Analytics. Some may also provided more detailed information such as that aggregated in programs like LeadLander.

Remember, you want to find the SEO provider that is the best fit for your CPA or accounting firm. Don’t just trust that because a provider has had success in the past they will automatically be successful for you. Do the research and ask the questions. In the end it will benefit you and your accounting marketing efforts.

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