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     -     Aug 3rd, 2010   -     Accounting Marketing   -     0 Comments

Most accounting firms look high and low for content for push out to clients, prospects and referral partners. The goal of the game is to be positioned as an expert in a specific niche. However this is easier said than done, as I suspect many of you know. The key is finding accurate content that meets with partner approval, but also is not too “salesy” or technical. Once/If you have been successful in accomplishing this goal the “downer” is that you can only use the content once and the cycle begins anew.

It does not have to! During my “daily reading” I found a great article entitled, 10 Ways to Use Recycled Content, by Lisa Barone. This article is great. It provides ten ideas for how to take existing content and expand or re purpose in a different format for use. Since this is something many of my clients struggle with on a regular basis I thought I would highlight the piece and share with you all.

Excerpts from the 10 Ways include:

    1. Article directory sites
    2. Your company newsletter
    3. Change markets
    4. Create presentations from articles
    5. Create articles from presentations
    6. Expand on interviews
    7. Transcribe interviews
    8. Tie it together as an eBook
    9. Document sharing sites
    10. Audio content

These are all excellent ideas for reusing/modifying content. The more meaningful content you can provide to the market the more well regarded your firm will be. Moreover, it will serve as a method for driving traffic to your website, which is the ultimate goal.

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