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     -     Aug 10th, 2010   -     Accounting Marketing   -     2 Comments

Like all of my accounting marketing colleagues I spend a fair amount of time reading the literature available on a host of topics. Recently, I went to a favorite spot of mine, Golden Practices, by Michelle Golden. I doubt I need to introduce her to many of you. Recently, she added a post entitled Tell Tale Signs of an Amateurish Blog, which I found to be just great! This is not a surprise given how well known she is in the blogosphere. All accolades aside, this is a great post for any accounting marketing professional that is contemplating developing and launching a blog.

Some excerpts from the post include:

  • No indication of who the author is or about the author link/page
  • Too many or duplicative category names, or no categories set up (10-15 is good number)
  • Underlining of text that isn’t a link
  • Walls of text with no subheadings and paragraph breaks
  • Corporate speak, or text that seems “sanitized” by the PR department
  • Approved comments that are obvious spam
  • Calling their blog post a “blog” instead of a “post” (e.g. “in the blog that I wrote yesterday”)
  •  White text on a black background – this is not readable! It hurts the eye.
  • Using Blogger.com but not removing the Blogger logo at the top of the professional firm’s blog
  • Ending posts with “For more information call or email me” or similar pitch. They won’t. That’s not how blogs work.

I have to admit before I decided to write this post I analyzed my own blog. I am happy to say it is doing okay although there is always room for improvement. If you are considering entering the blogosphere this is a great article to check out. It will provide you with a good list of actions to avoid and positive steps to take.

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