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Accounting Article Marketing

     -     May 27th, 2010   -     Accounting Marketing   -     0 Comments

Article marketing is a core component of a well developed and structured marketing plan. Whether you are an expert in your field, or are simply looking to begin building your firm’s or your personal brand this is a very effective method. Many CPA and accounting firms use articles to demonstrate to prospects, clients, and referral partners that they understand a specific issue, service, or process.  If your firm has a speciality niche in manufacturing companies (for example), then it makes sense to have articles related to the hot button issues manufacturing companies face.  If your firm has a speciality niche in estate planning, then it makes sense to have articles discussing the last issues in estate planning and how they may potentially impact clients.

The challenge I have observed most firm’s address is what to do with an article once it is created. Some just use them as inserts to brochure packages, other send to referral partners, and finally others just put them on a “digital shelf” to collect dust.  As best I can tell the reason this happens is because the partners are unsure how to best market these articles. 

To help address this issue, I want to point readers to a recent blog post I found entitled, 4 Steps to Marketing Your Expertise Through Bylined Articles, by Scott Cytron.  The main focus of the article seems to center on the mechanics of writing an effective article.  While helpful the “meaty”  information is when Scott discusses ideas for publicizing the article.  The blog post includes four tactics which I believe are excellent suggestions for anyone seeking ways to market their articles. They include:

  • Leveraging Social Media.
  • Include with Collateral Materials.
  • Send Paper Copies to Prospects.
  • Provide Copies to Prospect in Meetings.

I would also add a fifth idea which did not come from the original post. There are a number of free article publishing webstes that will allow you to publish articles less than 1500 words online. This allows your article to be part of the search results on Google when someone types in keywords related to your topic.

How does your firm conduct article marketing?

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