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     -     Jul 27th, 2009   -     Accounting Marketing, Social Media Marketing   -     1 Comment

As a new or young accountant there are a number of responsibilites and challenges on your plate. Much of your time is dedicates to training on regulations (such as GAAP, tax codes, etc), internal firm processes, the studying for the CPA exam, CPE courses if you are credentiaed, not to mention the day to day tasks associated with client service and delivery. All of this and you still ned to consider how you will develop your professional network. As you know, services like accounting, auditing and tax work are relationship driven. The stronger the relationship the more likely they are to turn to you when an issue or opportunity arises. As a result, the challenge as you progress through your career is to meet and build strong relationships with clients, prospects and referral partners.

It is a straightforward strategy that seems easy enough, but is it? How are you going to manage all the responsibilites of your position while finding additional time to spend on network development? In the past, network development focueed on being active in community organizations, associations and other groups. This required time outside of the office meeting people, establishing and nurturing relationships and building trust. Only once trsut was established would the contact share the details about professional issues, challenges and opportunities. This was a very time intensive process that had to be repeated over and over again with every contact. The task of building and maintaining a professional network took a lot of energy and required a high level of hands on care.

The emergence of social media has transformed the way the network development process occurs. While you will always have to spend time going out and meeting new people at events and other programs, there has been a change in the way relationships are developed. Social media programs have created a process where interactions occur in real time and the entire process of relationship development can be quickly increased. These changes are good news for young accountants as these tools will allow them to develop relationships and create connections in ways their predeccessory could not have imagined just ten years ago.

Click here for the rest of the article which can be found at the Accounting Tomorrow website. Please note this article was written by Brian Swanson of Flashpoint Marketing.

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