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5 Ways to Use Complementary Telemarketing

     -     Aug 19th, 2013   -     Accounting Marketing   -     0 Comments

When you mention telemarketing to most firms, it’s usually accompanied by moans, groans and stories highlighting why telemarketing doesn’t work.  Despite the initial negativity telemarketing is very effective at increasing name recognition, keeping the firm top of mind and building relationships. The life of the campaign isn’t defined by the starting and stopping point of the execution, rather it is an effort that produces long term awareness, which in turn can generates leads which may emerge long after the calling is complete.

Telemarketing As a Complementary Strategy

Below we have provided insight into how firms can use telemarketing to complement existing traditional or digital marketing programs. These include:

Driving Attendance to a Webinar or Event

The hardest part about doing a webinar presentation, or hosting an event, is getting people to show up.  Consider using the tried and true approach many of our clients have employed, leverage telemarketing as a tool to personally invite clients and prospects to your events.

Many firms have seen a significant increase in attendance rates after employing this tactic used in conjunction with email marketing.  By using a two prong approach to market the event, the firm has been able to reach a more diverse audience.  The telemarketing, a more traditional approach, allows them to reach their prospects who are less digitally savvy, while the email marketing approach gives each prospect insight into the event and a chance to register before the follow up phone call.

Consider adding events and webinars to your arsenal of marketing tactics, and use telemarketing to reach your prospects and clients on a more personal level.  This technique works best if you have an established list that receives regular communication.

Follow Up to Direct Mail Marketing or Email Marketing

A multi-prong approach has always been proven to be the most successful method for reaching a broad audience.  It’s easy to tune out a single form of marketing, but harder to ignore multiple messages coming from several different sources.  Consider supplementing all of your digital marketing methods with a more traditional telemarketing campaign.  Often, telemarketing is a friendly voice speaking a familiar message and may just be the final push you need to give your prospect to close a deal, or take the first step is requesting information about your services.

Professional telemarketing experienced its hay day in the late 80’s and 90’s but has since tapered off considerably.  This trend away from the approach can be seen as an opportunity for most businesses today because it’s often the more traditional methods that are being ignored in favor of a digital approach.  But, the prospects phone lines are wide open, and a voicemail is the perfect way to leave a targeted, personalized message for the prospect.  You should do it because most businesses are not doing it and your approach will be more memorable for the prospect as a result.

Goodwill or Survey Calls

Don’t forget about your existing clients. Telemarketing is not just a marketing tactic for prospective clients.  Consider adding this to your holiday marketing efforts and create a calling campaign to wish happy holidays to your current client base and remind them of an upcoming deadline, or provide a snippet of new tax law that might affect them in a meaningful way. A personalized call on behalf of their account manager at the firm goes a long way to building great relationships, and reminds your clients that they are top of mind year-round, not just during tax time.

In addition, you can use telemarketing to collect quantitative or qualitative data about your clients and prospects. Use telemarketing as a survey tool to find out what services they are most interested in, or what needs they have that haven’t been met by your firm.  You could learn something very valuable that can help shape a service approach..

Marketing New Services to Existing Clients

This is especially helpful if you don’t have a newsletter or subscriber list for email.  Often adding a new service offering to your existing arsenal is a big deal, but more importantly you need to find clients who will leverage this service.  Consider using telemarketing as your approach for announcing and offering new services to existing clients.  You may find that touching base on a personal level generates more interest with the prospect then simply putting it in an email – which can feel cold and canned. This approach also works well for special promotions, like an early filing price incentives for customer who brings in documents before March 1 etc…

Post-Event Calls

Have you recently spoken at an event or conference? Were you a guest speaker during someone’s webinar? Request a list of attendees with their emails and phone numbers and leverage telemarketing to follow up with all attendees. This is especially effective when the event is still fresh in their mind.  You can use this as an opportunity to thank them for attending, ask if there are any follow up questions, offer to send them a copy of the presentation, or see if they are interested in the services you presented on. Often at a conference or event there is more than one speaker. As a result, it can be difficult for the attendee to remember who spoke about what or which company they were with.  Consider reaching out to them first, offering a reminder about your topic and your company and then finding out if there is anything else you can do for them.  Because in the end, all good sales start with great service!

In perspective, professional telemarketing can be a successful compliment to a number of different marketing strategies.  It’s important to remember that it can be used in a variety of ways, not just the cold call approach.  Your firm might consider adding telemarketing to its arsenal of marketing approaches if you haven’t seen much success with your existing marketing strategy, or if your strategy is not diverse between inbound and outbound marketing. In addition, don’t forget that the long-term ROI of a telemarketing campaign can outweigh the ROI of almost any other short-term marketing strategy.

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