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5 Tips to Keep Firm Growth Going During the Holidays

     -     Nov 7th, 2014   -     Accounting Marketing, Inspiration   -     0 Comments

holidaysThe days are growing cooler, colorful leaves are dropping from the trees, and Halloween has come and gone. Autumn is moving time along and before you know it Thanksgiving will be here and the holiday season will be in full swing. With the change of season, work often gets lost in the shuffle of the holidays and firm growth slows because it can be hard to continue your expansion efforts when everyone is focused on visions of sugarplums. All is not lost through because efforts like sending business Thanksgiving cards, keeping up with your blog posts and staying on top of marketing needs can make a real difference in your firm’s growth – especially during the final quarter of the year.

Below are five tips to help boost firm growth and help keep you on top of your marketing game during the holiday craze:

  1. Plan your holiday efforts.
    Having a plan for your marketing priorities during the final quarter is essential. Make sure you plan just as well as you would any other time of the year. Think through timing of efforts such as any printing that may need to be done. What you don’t want to happen is getting lost in the holiday print rush. Most people forget to plan ahead and the frenzy of getting things taken care of is a headache that is preventable.
  2. Pre-write blog posts.
    Let’s be honest, marketers don’t want to spend precious time writing blog posts that are crucial in November and December. But if you write them in advance, you can post them when the moment is right — and it will require very little effort at the time. A little time now will be a gift to you later.
  3. Get newsletters ready.
    Ah, the dreaded firm newsletter… don’t let it bog you down. Write and plan newsletters in advance of the holiday rush. Plenty of clients read their email as well as their snail mail during the holiday season, so don’t let these promotional and informational efforts fall by the wayside. You need to be in front of your clients all year long. But do be warned that if you are printing them, not to wait until the last minute to send them to your local vendor. Remember item number one above?
  4. Avoid letting networking slip.
    While you may be really busy toward the end of the year, holiday parties allow a lot of time for networking. Whether online or off, within your usual circles or far from your comfort zone, don’t neglect networking when you’re busy. Networking is such a great opportunity to grow your firm. You never know who may be in need of your services.
  5. Trade Christmas cards for business Thanksgiving cards.
    Avoid the controversy about whether to mention Christmas, secular vs. non-secular, snowman or snowflakes, and beat the volume of other mailings your clients will receive this holiday season by sending innovative business Thanksgiving cards. Thanksgiving cards offer messages of gratitude, which is the exact message you most want and need to convey to your clients. Plus, sending business Thanksgiving cards instead of Christmas cards is a brilliant idea because it demonstrates to clients that you’re ahead of the curve. Do however remember that planning ahead is key. Consider that because Thanksgiving is always a short working week, clients often take time off. Therefore you should target your card delivery date to be the Friday before Thanksgiving. If your mailing list is local or even regional, a USPS mail drop date of no later than Tuesday of your delivery week should do the trick and hit your Friday target. But, if your mailing is national, target your USPS drop date to be the Friday before your target date. Coast-to-coast mailings can take as much as five business days to deliver even with a First Class Stamp.

When you plan marketing efforts, pre-write your most important marketing materials, get ahead of your advertising needs and networking opportunities before the holidays, you can make a real difference in reducing your year-end stress and help your firm’s growth. Wouldn’t it be nice to genuinely be prepared for the holidays and feel on top of the world in the workplace?

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