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5 Tips for Free Publicity

     -     Sep 30th, 2010   -     Accounting Marketing   -     0 Comments

TV, print and online journalists are always searching for something readers will be interested in. You could have that very thing at under your own roof and not even know it, until you share it. For Accounting & CPA firms the topics most reporters want to discuss are tax or industry related. Does your Firm have a healthcare niche? If so, have you been in contact with reporters on the benefits/impact to companies in your market? Getting press is not as difficult as you may think. However you need to take the right approach to be effective.

Plant the Seeds

Here are five ways to situate yourself so that can earn a slice of the media pie:

  1. Tie in to current events. Do you have a service that would tie into today’s news? Consider the recent passage of the Small Business Jobs Act. There are several tax related items that will be of interest to small business owners. How are you getting press out of this? It is an important and current issue that your clients need to know about and one that the press will want to cover.
  2. Become part of a trend. Is there something going on in your industry that you can comment on? If you claim to be part of an up and coming trend, try to think of other who’ll want to comment on this tend. Helping a reporter find sources improves the chances that a story will get done.
  3. Do a little strutting — if you’ve earned the right. Is your Firm involved in charity work? Perhaps you’ve made innovative changes in your workplace to accommodate employees, or you’re started a program to help educate college students. Have you been  named a Top 100 Accounting Firm to Work For, or received another such award. If so, tell your clients, prospects, referral partners and the media all about it.
  4. Conduct an industry survey and share the results. If you’re surveying to gauge interest in a new legislation, tax issue or service, share your results and your thoughts on the topic with the media.
  5. Put together a “Top 10″ list. It could be the most-common mistakes small businesses make when filing tax returns,  or a list of reasons that outline the benefits of tax/financial planning. People love to read lists like this, and journalists know that.

How does your Firm seek publicity?

Adapted from Business Briefs

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