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5 SEO Tips for New CPA Firm Websites

     -     Oct 21st, 2010   -     Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

We have worked with several  CPA and accounting firms to redesign and rebrand their websites. Regardless of the complexity of the site or size of the firm there are five steps every firm should take to make their website SEO friendly and enabled. The good news is that these steps only take 30-60 minutes in total to complete.

  1. Install Webmaster Tools. Using a service like Google Analytics is great, but you really should verify your site with each of the search engines webmaster tools. These services allow you to diagnose and analyze things on your site, that a website analytics solution can not. Submit sitemaps, find error pages, diagnose slow loading pages, and tons of other neat tools are provided by the webmaster tools.
  2. Install Analytics – Establish Goals. There is no reason why you should not be tracking your website visitors. Google Analytics is free, easy to install and provides a wealth of information about your website and your customers. Sign-Up for a free account and install or pay someone to install the javascript code on your website. Also go the extra mile and track key actions on your websites. Things like contact form submissions, downloads, video plays, and purchases should be getting tracked to understand your conversion funnel better and improve your conversion rates.
  3. Fix Canonical URL’s. Something that I would say 90% of all websites never do, it fix the www vs non-www duplicate content issue. This is such a quick fix, but so many websites overlook it. Going with either the www or the non-www, will solve the issue of having multiple URLs for the same web page. Also make sure your internal links are going to the / and on index.html or similar.
  4. Establish A Sitemap. Once your website is 100% completed, use an XML sitemap generation tool to crawl your entire site and create an XML sitemap that you can submit to the search engines. Each search engine allows you to submit your sitemap right from within Webmaster Tools. This will help get your new site crawled faster and make the search engines better able to find ALL of the pages on your site
  5. Add a Robots.TXT File – Go through your web files and identify directories that you don’t want the search engines to index. Things like your administration files or miscellaneous files found on your server, restrict them from being indexed.

Upload robots.txt file with below text. Make sure you replace “/folder name/ with the folder(s) you want to restrict.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /folder name/

By following these simple tips you will be able to increase your new website’s visibility to search engines and potential site visitors. The analytic tools mentioned above will provide you with the ability to measure traffic, make adjustments and optimize the content on each page of your site.

Source: Search Engine Jounral

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