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5 Reasons Your Firm Should Be Blogging

     -     Sep 25th, 2012   -     Accounting Marketing   -     0 Comments

The Internet plays a key role in decision making for many prospective clients.  It is frequently the only tool used in researching a company before a decision to buy is made.  Knowing this makes the decision to blog so much more crucial.   Aside from the obvious benefits of driving more traffic to your website via SEO, blogging offers far more benefits to your company:

Blogging puts a face behind your logo:

It’s hard to develop relationships if you are a corporate entity, but a blog can build a bridge with your customers and your potential consumers.  A blog is written from a human standpoint – it gives your readers an opportunity to relate to you, to see if what you have to say is in line with what they believe too.  Short articles give great insight into broad categories of interest, it opens up a dialog (commenting) with your readers and your potential prospects and most importantly it reveals your humanity.  Blogging is a great opportunity to tell your company’s story, to discuss mistakes made coupled with the lessons learned, and also to share your successes and what you gained from them.  This is a place where you can talk one-on-one with your audience instead of using marketing messages, canned advertisements, and product pitches.

Blogging is an opportunity to enhance branding and create awareness:

This is where you get on your soapbox and talk about your beliefs.  A blogging platform is the right place to stand on your soapbox and talk about what your company brings to the table in terms of value.  Your blog shouldn’t become your marketing teams outlet, it should be the human side of your company coming out to play.  Blogging helps shape and reveal the people who stand behind a brand, and it should also be interpreted as another branch to your firm. If your firm is getting ready to gear up for a new service offering – the blog is where you can build excitement up until the actual release date.  Don’t be afraid to ask your readers questions and get them involved in the conversation.  A blog is not the place to talk about ‘Me! Me! Me!’ but it is a great place to open a dialogue and give your followers a place to have input.

Blogs Demonstrate Expertise:

Typically a company offers more than one service, or a multitude of sub-services to their main focus.  Use your blog as a platform to demonstrate how much value you bring in each of these areas. On occasion, you can use your blog to brag about the latest award you won – but don’t forget to tell the story of how you achieved it and why you are so proud, don’t leave out a Thank You to all the clients who helped you get there along the way either.

As we mentioned earlier, prospects are researching you and your blog will become a key part of that research – so highlight stories about services you provided to clients and what their results were.  Keep it in a personal tone.  This might be a good opportunity to have an account manager write a blog specific to one of their accounts and how everything turned out. You are proud of helping your client’s right? Tell people why individual cases warm your heart and why you aren’t just a number cruncher counting down the minutes of the day.

Blogging Establishes Relationships:

It’s easy to break up with a company, but not so easy to break up with a person.  Be a human, you wouldn’t spend an entire date talking about yourself, so be sure to ask some leading questions that encourage readers to give input (hint: Closing a blog post with an open ended question is a great way to garner comments). If you made a mistake, or you made a bad decision – address it in your blog.  Talk about what led up to it, why it happened, and how you are working to prevent it, then make sure to thank your clients for their patience/understanding.  Treat your blog as though it were a conversation with someone you care about, because that is exactly what it is!

Blogging Feeds Social Media:

Staying active on your social networks is just one more check mark on the long list of things to do in order to stay present and in front of your clients. Blogging makes this easier.  Once you have published your blog, you can then publish the link to your blog on your social networks – thus driving more traffic to your blog.  Your clients really do want to get to know you, but often companies engaging in social media can seem like they are flat lining and losing interest.  Blogs offer a way to connect through social media, encouraging comments, and relevant re-tweeting, and it helps to push your statistics on all of the relevant media platforms.  The idea is to start an engaging conversation – so give them something to read that will be worth sharing and talking about.

So if you don’t have a blog already, it’s time to start one.  Blogs are like gardens, and they need to be tended to.  A stagnant blog can work against you, so be sure to update as frequently as you can manage.  An easy way to ensure you updating is to assign one person from every department the task of writing a 500-word blog relevant to something happening to them in the company right now.  Rotate the writing task to a different person in the department every two weeks (or as time allows) and you should have a nice archive of blogs to be posted on regular basis. Promote your blogs accordingly, and before you know it you’ll see an increase in your site traffic coupled with all of the other benefits discussed in the article above.

Tell us, do you have a company blog? What are some of the benefits you have seen personally? Share with us in the comments below!

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