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5 Questions to Consider About SEO

     -     Oct 10th, 2011   -     Accounting Marketing   -     0 Comments

SEO is a complex topic that many CPA and accounting firms are struggling to navigate. Some firms are choosing to jump into SEO head first, and there are still others that don’t know where to begin. The discussion below illustrates five of the most important things your firm should address prior to launching a niche focused SEO campaign:

1. What are the goals & expectations for this campaign?
Familiarize yourself with what you want to accomplish during the course of the campaign.  Setting goals helps you define the success of your campaign later.  Is the goal to gain better name recognition in certain geography? Are you trying to assert firm expertise in Employee Benefit Plan Auditing? Is there a specific hot button issue or topic for your prospective clients right now that you want to be in front of? Ask yourself these questions, and then assert your goal:

“My CPA Firm, LLC are experts in EBP Audits for privately held companies in the San Francisco CA area”

This goal is the core message for your SEO campaign. Your goal statement should be specific, addressing the targeted industry, business size, and specific service.  These simple modifiers will let you see how you can customize your campaign to specifically target the best prospects.

Next, consider is your expectations.  By setting a core goal you can now determine what, at minimum, you would consider success.  Is it gaining 3 new clients in a specific service area? Or is it simply to bring more traffic to your website? Determine a realistic expectation for the goal statement and record it to measure your success as the conclusion of your campaign.

2. Who do I want to bring to my website?
Part of doing great SEO is bringing the right people to the website.  Keeping in line with the goal stated above, you’re not really interested in bringing prospective international tax clients to the website with this campaign, so instead your firm will want to focus on keywords, content, meta-data, and target statements that bring in new EBP Audit clients.

It’s very tempting to optimize for every possible issue and service your firm offers, but its much more important to optimize with a specific goal in mind.  In time, your firm can do multiple SEO campaigns to bring traffic to your site for multiple services or issues, but at first you should focus on one goal at a time so that you can measure your success by each segment.

3. What action do I want my prospect to take?
The action you want your new website visitor to take should be related directly to achieving your initial goal.  An accessible and easy to understand call to action is key in converting your website visitor to an opportunity.  Make sure to have a very specific call to action in relation to your goal.  An appropriate call to action might be a button or badge prominently located on the home page or landing page.  The button would specifically state what to do; “For a free 10 minute consultation on our EBP Audit service, click here” – that button then takes the site visitor to a form where information can be taken and followed up on.

Your call to action should be VERY clear; a whitepaper or article along with a form to complete in order to download the document. From the moment your prospect reaches your website, they should only have to click one time to reach the area where they can make contact with your firm.

4. Does my website support my campaign?
Many firms would say yes without any hesitation, but take a moment to look at your website and ask yourself the following questions about your existing or upcoming SEO campaign:

•    Are there landing pages specifically dedicated to this SEO campaign?
•    Does the content on my website support my starting goal?
•    Does my firm appear to be an expert in the area for which we are campaigning?
•    Is there a clear and concise call to action that is specifically related to the campaign? (not a generic Contact Us form)

If you answered no to one or more questions, you should re-evaluate the launch date of your SEO campaign.  You may not be ready for the traffic that your campaign could generate, and as a result you could cost the firm valuable leads for that service area.

5.  How will you define success?
SEO can be a tough sell to partners in a firm.  Defining and tracking statistics for ROI is extremely important to them.  You should be sure to define your metrics in advance and take the proper steps to assure you are tracking before, during, and after you launch your SEO campaign.  Tracking key metrics during all three stages will help you measure the overall success of your campaign.  The following are metrics you should be recording to evaluate SEO campaign success:

•    The number of landing page hits
•    Total time each visitor spends on the  site
•    The number of conversions (people who fill out your contact form, or participate in the call to action you set up)
•    The number of lead conversions (people who filled out the form, whom you contacted, and have then given you new business)
•    The amount (in dollars) of new business generated

These important measurements can help assure the partners in your firm that campaign ROI can be measured, help them to see that SEO is a good investment.

Implementing an SEO campaign can be difficult. If your firm is struggling to determine a starting point, or just trying to decide if SEO is the right lead generation solution for them, I’d be happy to do a 10-20 minute phone call to discuss the best process and starting point – contact me here.  If you’ve tried SEO campaigns in the past, tell us about your experience in the comments.

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