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4 Ways to Make Your Marketing Efforts More Engaging

     -     Sep 21st, 2015   -     Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

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As a marketer, you are probably aware that your target audience sees hundreds of ads and visual messages per day. Even though your target has been exposed to these visuals, most people don’t notice more than half of them. Just because a consumer and the message are in reasonable proximity to be seen, that doesn’t’ mean it was noticed. The human brain cannot process that many visual cues and messages, let alone notice, absorb, or even judge the personal merit of them. Times Square in NYC is a classic example of content overload.

The right message can link with our own desire or interest and get us to stop and look at it, watch it, or listen to it. An ad message that informs us about something we want will get noticed. If you’re really interested in a new, hot, American-made sports sedan, the Cadillac CTS may peak your curiosity and you’ll notice their TV, print, outdoor, or radio ads catching your attention. On the other hand, an ad for a Ford truck won’t even register on your radar. So therein lies the dilemma. How does your firm’s marketing get noticed by your target audience? The answer is simple.

Good marketing goes beyond just offering the right product to the right consumer. It gets them emotionally stimulated to make a connection or at least investigate the advertised product or service. Why go to that next level? Why expend the time and effort to craft marketing messages that inform and ignite a bond between the product or service and the target consumer? Because the competition is stiff regardless of what industry you’re in, and the rest of the ad space is frustratingly distracting.

Effective & Engaging Marketing

So what’s the solution? Keep it simple which is defined as “the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do”. Simplicity is timeless, appreciated, and most of all, it sells. Below are four ways to embrace simplicity in your next marketing effort.

1. Make it Visual – Visual appeal is what first draws a consumer to an ad. According to statistics, 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and those visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain compared to their written counterparts. Images tell a story quickly and in a way that is easiest to remember. Visual content is also the most shareable, hence why it reigns supreme on social media and blogs. Complement your marketing with more visuals including infographics, photography, videos, and print or digital ads. A good example is this Volkswagen ad for their park assist feature.



2. Find the Human Truths- Discovering shared ground, experiences, and thoughts helps establish simplicity and further a level of trust. Consumers connect with thoughts that we’d never like to admit and those thoughts make for some of the best ads. While these messages are often the hardest to articulate, they happen to be extremely effective for retaining engagement. A good example is a digital ad from Lululemon athletic wear.

3. Create a content hierarchy – Make sure that your marketing efforts have an element of visual clarity. For example, looking at an ad shouldn’t feel like you’re looking at a map of a foreign city. The viewer experience should be as easy to navigate as possible. Directing the viewer to a selling point by navigating through images, text, charts, pages, etc., will leave a consumer lost. Add value by considering what is most imperative, and then take out the rest. Visually, a great system of hierarchy has been established by the following ad.


4. Capture the essence So you say your new Hot & Spicy Pringles are hot? How hot? The best way to draw attention to something unfamiliar is through emotion. Incorporating emotion into an advertisement can help establish consumer understanding. A classic example are ads for pets in shelters. They generate feelings of guilt within the viewer and drive a response to help. An example is Pedigree’s ads for their Pet Adoption Drive.


At the end of the day what it boils down to is that to stand out in a saturated market, your message and mission should be clear and simple rather than compromised with too much information and complexities. In a few words, strip the obvious, and add the meaningful.

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