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3 Tips To Improve SEO

     -     May 10th, 2012   -     Accounting Marketing, Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

Search Engine Optimization has become such a hot topic we’re almost afraid to do anything without consulting a web development guru for fear of hurting our existing rank.  I’m here to tell you that first of all, you should never be that worried about your rank.  Typically anything you do to your website will actually improve your ranking (simply because it shows you are actively updating your site and Google likes that!).  But the following are the top three things you can do right now to improve your SEO. 

  1. Write Something. Write anything – a new page of content, a news article, a blog, a press release – and add this to your website.  This will not only demonstrate that your website is active, it will also give search engines further insight into the kind of business you are and how to position you in rank.  New content gives the robots and spiders of the search world something new to crawl, it gives your prospects and clients new content to read, and it builds your reputation in the process as being a knowledgeable and reputable information source.
  2. Engage. Tweet something, give a status update, respond to a comment someone has left, ask questions to generate blog comments, and if you are in the early stages, ask your colleagues to comment on blog posts you have written.  Such engagement will spike your impact in rank, to search engines it means that you are genuine, you are interacting with other users, and you are not being flagged for spam.  As with anything, make sure to be genuine in your engagement.  Engagement doesn’t count if its keyword stuffing, or if you are just posting links to your website anywhere a link is accepted.
  3. Connect. You’ve probably put a lot into your website and online presence already, don’t be afraid to link back to that content through the newer things you put together.  Connect the dots for people, if you’ve written a post about ‘Why you should be on a Content Management System’ and then you reference CMS in a later post, backlink to your post on Content Management Systems – it will not only provide your prospects and clients with a point of reference and good information but it also bodes well in your ranking.  If you have the opportunity to genuinely (there’s that word again!) link to relevant content of your own when reading someone else’s blog – you should do so.  Another quick tip – when you write a blog post, or new content, create a section at the bottom called ‘Recommended Reading’ and list a few of those older posts.  You’ll get more hits on those older pages and it will showcase to the mighty Google powers that you are engaging your users in relevant content. 

Possibly the easiest thing you can do to improve your SEO is to not think about SEO at all.  Getting caught up in keywords, pings, back linking etc can be exhausting – instead focus on creating the kind of content that you would want to read if you were a client or prospect.  By worrying about the user experience first, you are setting yourself up for SEO rewards in the long run – no matter how many algorithm changes the big guys make.

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