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Technical Tuesday – June 2016

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How to Round Corners in InDesign

As many of you know, InDesign is a very powerful graphic design program that has many capabilities that can really help you as you’re designing various marketing materials for your firm. Whether you’re trying to reduce the opacity of an image to do an overlay or outlining typography to place an image within, the possibilities for visuals seems endless and often complex when in reality, they’re actually quite simple to achieve.

As an example, have you ever seen a design that shows rounded corners on all four corners, or better yet, rounded corners on just one or two sides and wondered how the designer did it? Today is your lucky day because that is exactly what I’m going to show you how to do, and guess what – it’s SIMPLE!

Rounding corners on a square or rectangle
Rounding the corners on a square or rectangle is very straightforward and there are actually several ways to accomplish the task.

Method 1 – The yellow box method:
When you click on a rectangle with the selection tool, a yellow box appears near the upper right hand corner. Click the yellow box and diamonds appear at the corners. Drag the corners inward to round the corners equally. The more you drag, the larger the corner radius gets. If you want to round only one corner, click the yellow box and then, while holding down shift, click and drag on the corner you want to modify.

yellow box

Method 2 – The dialog box method:
If you prefer a little more precision, you can go to the top menu and click Object > Corner Options. The Corner Options menu will pop up and you can set the rounded corner to a specific value. And it’s easy to round one corner. Set the radius amount in either points or inches and then select from the drop down menu for the style of corner effects. You have the choice to round, fancy, bevel, inset, or inverse round. To control corners independently of one another, uncheck the chain icon.

dialog box

Method 3 – The control palette method:
You can set a rounded corner value for all four corners within the control palette. The corner controls are easy to find because it’s the only icon in the Control Palette with blue dots.

control palette

Following the above steps, you can easily begin to add more flair to your marketing materials

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Using the above steps is a good way to begin to add a bit more flair and pizazz to your marketing materials. If you are designing and come across an issue or problem in a particular program that you are unsure how to fix or need assistance with, FlashPoint Marketing can help you work it out. Contact us today.


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