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New SEO Training Program

     -     Apr 4th, 2017   -     Uncategorized   -     0 Comments

All firms have a need for SEO, but all to often budgets and internal resources don’t allow for outside consultants. FlashPoint Marketing can help with our new  comprehensive SEO training program. The five hour comprehensive program is designed to provide a review of basic SEO tactics through advanced SEO including keyword planning and content development management. This is a great program for seasoned and novice professionals.


Session 1
This is the introductory lesson designed to provide a basic understanding of the value of SEO for CPA firms and information on the core outcomes. Beyond this we will discuss key SEO elements on a website and provide insight into key elements of basic SEO, the importance and interrelation between each and the review SEO best practices outlined by Google and Bing.

Session 2
Building upon the information presented in lesson one, we will discuss more advanced topics relevant to a robust SEO program. This includes basic items that search engines look for as it related to SEO. Review strategies for select keyword selection and implement.  There will also be a review of setting meta title, keyword and description information.

Session 3
This session focuses on reporting and analytics. We will review the most important reports to run to assess website performance on a monthly and quarterly basis.  The presentation will be delivered using your firm’s  actual Google Analytics and Search data. In the event, the firm does not have access to this data then the presentation will be providing using another data set.

Session 4

Proactive SEO – This presentation focuses on how to take existing SEO efforts and apply them in a proactive way. Topics to be covered include:

  • Reactive v proactive SEO
  • SEO + Sales Cycle – how can we align the natural sales cycle with our SEO efforts.
  • Aligning SEO For the Sales Cycle
  • Keyword Research – best practices with a practical example
  • Keyword Research Process – how to monitor keyword rankings
  • Google Search Console – how to leverage data to influence SEO and plan for the future.
  • Measuring success on an ongoing basis

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