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Holiday Card Tips

6 Annual Holiday Card Tips for a Joyous Season

     -     Nov 21st, 2018   -     Creative Design   -     0 Comments

The holidays are upon us and it’s the time of year that decorations go up, festive music is on the radio and people begin to celebrate in various ways. It is certainly a festive time one that’s filled with parties, networking events and more. They are also a time when some marketers have a feeling of dread when considering what to do about the firm/company holiday card. Sending warm greetings to clients, referral partners and business contacts should be a good experience and not one filled with the stress of having to “get it right”.  To get you into a relaxed state, below are some tips to follow that can help marketers through the process.

  1. Get started now: It’s important not to overwhelm yourself by waiting until the last minute with the mentality of “ignore it and it will go away”. Planning ahead and getting your cards ordered early means the loss of dreaded stress. Don’t wait until two minutes to midnight to send cards out. The point is to enjoy the process and have your recipients enjoy receiving a bright and cheerful card.
  2. Timing: Avoid the rush and plan to send cards out between December 1stand December 15th. Envelopes can be addressed in advance of mailing. Then, during the first week of December, you can leisurely check the cards to make sure everything is signed and you can stuff, stamp and mail drop.
  3. Quality: Cost certainly is a factor, but it’s important not to skimp and send the least expensive option – it will show and is reflective of your firm/company. Remember that the card is a symbol not only of celebrating the holiday season, but also of how much you care about and value your clients and colleagues so be sure to send the best. An email message and/or social media should not be substituted for an actual, physical card. Neither are personal or heartfelt.
  4. Keep it non-secular:The holidays are a time when many celebrate various holidays and religions so it’s important to keep your cards non-secular and respectful of other’s beliefs. Cards that express your personality or beliefs can be reserved for your personal list. Also consider appropriate messaging and choose greetings such as: “Happy Holidays”, “Seasons’ Greetings”, “Peace & Joy” or “Gratitude”. For most the message is one of appreciation and the card should express that.
  5. The extra mile:Obviously, your partners and managers are busy during this time of year, but if it’s at all possible to have them hand sign their client cards it adds that certain special extra something that does get noticed. Too often, professional business firms have the name of their company printed inside the card but never take the time to go the extra mile and actually hand sign them. This extra personal touch is a reflection of the firm and demonstrates quality and attention to details.
  6. Holiday stamps: If this was a typical business mailing a postage meter is fine, however in the case of a holiday card with a warm message, forgo the postage meter and dress up your envelope with a holiday stamp. Again, it’s the little personal touches that make your card extra special.

In Perspective

While the holidays are a festive yet busy time, there’s no need to stress over the company holiday card. Get in the spirit and keep the tradition alive using the above steps. Remember, the company card is a small, yet very effective marketing tool to stand out, stay in touch and above all else demonstrate appreciation and gratitude to your audience. If you need assistance with creative for your holiday card or other projects FlashPoint Marketing can help. Shoot us a call at 954-621-8080 or drop us a note and we can help.


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